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From small Business to large corporate Ltd companies’ victory is people dependent. You devote a great deal of time, effort, and sacrifice to get the right people in place to help your business flourish. However, if something goes wrong and you lose people without warning, the business can suffer serious, even fatal setbacks.  This is where a Business Safeguard is available to help you defend against this.  We can offer you a comprehensive service of the highest quality. We fully explain everything to make the process straight forward and easy to understand. We are proud of our expert consultants and the consistently excellent feedback that we receive from our clients.

Do vital people provide substantial amounts of profit in your business?

Whatever the situation might be, it is worth reviewing where the funds would come from were the vital staff die or be diagnosed with a fatal illness and whether or not the funds will be sufficient in the future as the company grows.

We can help you to recover the loss of the vital staff as it provides a payment to help protect profits if someone integral to the business were to die or be diagnosed with a fatal illness.  It can have a devastating effect for your business, as sales may be lost, revenues may fall and the gap in the work forces may prove costly to fill.

Your Business Partner and or Shareholder

This can also apply if you are a partner or have a partnership in the company. If a partner or shareholder died, would you want to keep control of the business? Imagine that shares might needed to be divided along with the deceased person’s wealth/estate. Or the beneficiaries may choose to become active in your company or sell their shares to elsewhere. Can you afford to acquire their share of the business? What would you do?

Question: if you are a company director, did you know that a company’s ability to borrow can be affected by the loss of any vital staff who contributes significantly to profits?

If losing a vital staff in the company would make it harder to meet repayments on business related loans or a commercial mortgage, you may wish to consider discussing about what options are available with us.